Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some stuff

I haven't blogged for a while, have been suffering the change of season sniffles, and keep forgetting how to upload photos! My husband is home today so I have some help!!!! So here are a few images of what we've been up to. I am in preparation for the biggest craft fair we have in the area at Easter (Come and check us out if you are in the area, Gillybean and I will be hanging out!)

So this is what happens when you choose two minutes of peace and quiet because you just have to finish cutting out one last softie!

A few bunnies for Easter, each one different, a variation of my first ever own softie pattern.

Some beautiful seed pods found on one of our Friday ambles, We also found a walnut tree in a local park with some very new walnuts starting to fall.

We've had working bees for firewood and painting and i've done a big change around in the sewing and toy room (theres nothing like a big sort out to get re inspired!). Yesterday we popped into Nelson for a trip to spotlight for notions etc, a play at Tahunanui and a fix for both of us. Struan found some great new music and i got a stash of inspiration from the newest edition of world sweet world, Frankie, and a UK sewing mag called Sew Hip. Check them out! Struan and I are inspired to join in with the badge swap for world sweet world, an idea inspired by girl guide badges, you can sew some badges, send them in and get some sent to you when you complete an environmental action. Click on the link to find out more!
I better go off and do some sewing. might share more photos later!

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  1. Sounds like you found one of my favorite walnut trees, is it near the toy library? Thanks for letting me know about the stalls I'd been wondering if they were done yet. Your soft bunnies look great. I havn't done much sewing and Gabe went and broke his arm on friday night so I've had a grizzly boy all weekend. Fingers crossed this week is productive. Not sure what's going on with the comments on my site, I'm getting a few but I wonder if others are having trouble. Tom was disinterested when I asked him. Teenagers!