Thursday, August 19, 2010

happy Birthday to you....

A little bit of anarchy anyone?  So  amowhawk for him lest likely to actually get a real one ( not sure I'd want him to anyway); a way of dressing up for adults; a way of saying 'F' you to  the system when you want to!  Pattern from  the book Domiknitrix.  
The kids made badges , by drawing little pictures ( quite a challenge for some of them) and we used my badge making kit from Spotlight to finish them off.  Some images are only half a picture, but still look pretty funky we think.
 He also got breakfast pancakes, a mushroom kit and some spending money for the dump shops in Nelson tomorrow.  Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shh, Struan don't look!

Incognito from here  for a birthday coming up soon. I have some more "cheeky" knitting patterns up my sleeve for him too. Question is , will he wear it to school?
Pav perfection! And I made it! It just didn't sit right that he had success and I didn't. Recipe from Edmonds cook book ( A NZ classic).
AWWW! What more can I say? ( He lives outside now, We've weather-proofed his house, and he's proven his survival instinct.