Thursday, May 5, 2011

busy times

Yes, hmm busy times.  Three kids with chickenpox ( not all at the same time though, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it!), Visits from grandparents, a whole lot of sock knitting: 5 pair for my niece and nephew and one for an uncle, 1 pair  for tobins birthday, and now something just a little bit different... tights for maaike's birthday in june.
( no photos, i had an unfortunate run in with  the camera  and deleted lots ofphotos!). And then, still with a bit of pox we drove to Dunedin and stayed for a few days with friends and then drove back ( that all took 6 days).
The children are a bit unsettled as a result an needing more of my time to structure activities etc AND  our computer is too slow ( still on dial up)!!!! Hence my absence. Hopefully I can be back with some sort of regularity soon, or maybe I might just close down for a while, and regroup ma familie.
How are you all? If you are interested in nutritiuon, here is a site recommended me in a wapf ( Weston a Price foundation) meeting recently.:   Challenging!