Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our journey to homeschool

Ahh, what more could a crafty mother wish for?! The eldest daughter has started knitting, this was the second time she asked. The first time a few months ago we did a few rows together, but this time its really clicked! We use a little rhyme to remember the steps, and after only a week she could sit on the couch and do a few rows without any help! She knows when she's got a "problem" (her words), and sometimes can sort it out herself or she'll ask for help. What more of an excuse do I need to sit and knit in companionable silence!? She often does a few rows while the other two go to bed.

And the photo of the pink blanket/coat at the lantern festival at kindy last week. This week though she has been home by choice. We asked her why she wanted to be home and she replied that it was more fun. I/We must be doing something right if home is more fun? Days seem to flow nicer at home and I have more energy to really encourage their creative endeavours and extend on interests a bit. We are slowly making the commitment to home/unschooling as it sits with out philosophies on life etc and seems to flow on from some of our other parenting choices. At this stage and it may seem like a cop out, she can go to kindy (if she wants, why force a four year old to rush places ?) and "if it doesn't work" for whatever reason school will still be there! (GULP!)

On one of our home days the girls made a garden, digging it and composting it and we've planted a few raspberry suckers and strawberry plants for instant gratification. Now we've got he seed catalogues out and are choosing or thinking about what else to plant. Of course now I am reading and dreaming and making lists and thinking about light levels etc. Spring seems so far away but will come soon enough....

Monday, June 22, 2009

A month of flurries...

Wow nearly a month gone buy in a flurry of creating and crafting, baking and making for a three year old's birthday and general maddness. I finally unblocked my knitter's block and finished the other sock for husband.. still don't think I've seen him actually wearing them... and in the following week,knitted a pair of mittens, a cardigan a nearly finished the rainbow cardigan as "specified!" by the now three year old. She has specified a lot recently, yesterday insiting I wear a pink skirt and pink higheals to pick up Anoushka from kindy. I kept trying to hide them (the shoes) but as we were leaving she came running out with them and said "you can't forget these mama!" So I wore them while trying to juggle four children (an extra for carpooling) their stuff etc while sinking backwards into the winter mud! not the most practical shoes for picking up children at kindy. Now I would love to post a whole lot of photos of the various creations from the past month but the camera is broken and apparently not worth fixing! Posts maybe boring black and white for a while. Here is one photo though of the birthday girl and her new woollen coat, with (my)machine quilting lining and poodle buttons, and a button on hood. Anoushka has a similar one made of an old pink blanket and sheet for lining. One day I may find a photo of that too. In the meantime, happy crafting, knitting, playing, enjoy the winter or summer wherever you may be!