Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas in summer

In September we moved to our new house, a beautiful grand old lady ( for us) with original features largely intact and a wonderful garden, which is quickly becoming jungle-ish, as I struggle to juggle  illness ( kids have had whooping cough all winter and we are on our 5th bout with our son, bleeding noses, vomit and all), tiredness (mine), the garden, a growing belly ( baby no 4 is about 28 weeks along and growing fast!), christmas preparation and a husband whose job is manic at present. ( i love wild gardens anyway, i just hope the neighbours don't think we are slobs!)

 We were lucky to take over guardianship of this beautiful place from my lovely friend gilly, and hope to continue her work here. (I'll have to refer often to her old blog posts as I try and learn what I'm supposed to do and when!)

 We are also putting our own stamp on the place, taking out wallpaper and carpets and finding many characterful  surprises of the kind that makes us appreciate old homes ( like a concrete  patch in the middle of the lounge floor when the rest is gorgeous rimu floorboards!)

 But actually all I feel right now is numb and tired and I just want to sleep for days....

I can't quite bring myself to close my blog, so maybe I'll be around a bit more after all.

Summer for christmas, I am struggling for ideas. I am Waldorf inspired but can't find any info out there in www land for craft ideas, or stories or anything. friends of mine are swapping to just celebrating summer solstice but I have christian beliefs so can't give up christmas... any links would be appreciated!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer / advent season!