Saturday, June 26, 2010

art yarn

A few weeks ago I bought Lexi Boeger's book, Intertwined , about spinning unique yarns using a variety of new techniques. So I am Completely Inspired!!!! Although maybe I will continue to increase my more traditional spinning skills, I am also keen to play around with fibre too. So I attempted my first art yarn, using some ratty old roving that I dyed last week, some bits of sari fibre left over from my Blendy box sampler , I cut up a sari skirt that never fit me and weren't really my colours and spun a thick and thin single using a thread for stability through the whole skein. Here is the result:

And last night we had this sunset:

I can see that sunset inspiring some fibre adventure too sometime.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

fibre and fun filled days

hand painted merino from a giveaway by  spinning a yarn  last year, finally spun and plied this morning. 

Natty and gnarly, thick and thin yarn, from that in raw fleece from the other day. Anyone teach me about handcarding?

A birthday party for a toy dog named Sally, last year we celebrated her fourth birthday, this year shes 16!
We all love reading!
 As well: dyed some tick and thin spun white yarn, pink, blue and green, and some plain white fleece bright pink and red with a bit of purple, but they are still drying.
Have a nice day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

a catch up

Finished: Some mitts for me! Pattern is Reading Mitts on Ravelry.
Maaike's fourth birthday started bright and early.

results of a painting morning from us four that are home during daylight hours.

They really enjoyed the painting, though at times the process overwhelmed me!  Note to self:Next time have it all set up before toddler starts washing hands in water jar and 4 year old paints the table! Also art smocks would be good!
 I am tired but inspired this week after hooking up with some other home schoolers and talking about what they do. Actually just knowing there are others like us, even if we all do things our own way is good. There are even other homeschoolers down the street! ( Believe me our road is so rural, its surprises me sometimes there is anyone down the street, especially on foggy mornings!)
So inspired I am and have to knuckle down and provide more for the children, and do it alongside I think. Not lessons as such but definately experiences with variety as the spice of life?

My W.I.P s are some homespun socks for Anoushka ( two at a a time on circs, how hard can it be?), spinning some raw fleece in the grease and trying to learn to handcard from  googled sites; videos aren't any good for slow dial up like this!
The blanket for girls is taking some time out and I am trying to find time for sewing overpants , new cushion covers for  lounge, an obi belt for me and more pants for the young lad. 

what inspires you and what are you making?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birthday preparations

 Seeing as I hadn't realised just how fast a fourth birthday has crept up I have been rather stressed and busy!
Last weekend we were lucky enough to have my father visiting too so lovely busy times.  Have more cooking and baking to do for tomorrow....