Monday, February 9, 2009

summer days

A new sewing pattern mag-in english, what a treat! Very inspiring and easy!

my tomato jungle is producing: this was my harvest after two days camping! Today I have the dehydrator going to make semi dried tomatoes in oil. anyone have any recipes?

camping in Ruby Bay, only ten minutes away. While there we heard tales of shark attacks (stingray), and our baby, 9 months took his first hundred or so steps in groups of about five at a time... girls handled bushwalk very well, and we had an amazing time looking and discovering in the rock pools at low tide.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

things I'm learning

A long weekend in the garden and other gardens, drinking coffee, sewing etc. Lovely! Things going well in the garden at the moment: Strawberries still producing; looks like birds have finally cottoned on! Scarlet and blue runner beans having another burst. Tomatoes ripening, more every day, but must remember to space them better next time. Same for corn, although we have had four feeds of corn so far. Even baby loves them! Brocoli starting to form heads. thornless blackberries ripening. Yellow zucchini marrows popping up when I'm not watching and picking.
Flop crops: Cucumbers- need more space and lots of sun. don't plant too early, then don't really get going at all. same with borlotti beans and cannelini beans.
Must sow some winter plants and keep on top of salad greens. have none at moment and buying lettuce!
Garden has really appreciated comfrey liquid feeds.

in other news: love sewing things for family; pyjama pants, blouses, pants for new kindy year etc. Back to tiki tees next week!