Saturday, September 15, 2012

away with the fairies... ( or, a quick catch up)

 A leaf skirt for Anoushka, which doubles as a poncho... from Lovely knits for little girls.

 A sophia elf cardigan for Maaike from the same book.
 Our spring table, featuring hand dipped candles and a new rainbow tea light candle holder from the steiner spring fair today!

 Parsnips from the garden! For parsnip chips, as we are starchy carb- free ( most of the time). Pretty exciting as I 've never been able to grow root veg before! ( cut parsnips into chip shape, coat with oil or butter, toss in turmeric and salt and bake until crunchy, serve with homemead aioli, yum!)

 A shawl, made by me, from wool gifted to me by my husband for my birthday in July, its misti Alpaca sock wool. and the pattern came from a KNITscene Magazine.
 A Roald Dahl, BFG foot cake for Struan's birthday in August, proudly decorated by kidlets!

 A beautifully flowing homeschooling day last week which resulted in lots of seeds started for planting later, some secret gardens ( old seed packets given to kids to "surprise Me ' in spring), a pea seed or two planted by kids to measure and plot progress on a graph over time, and a lovely garden salad, picked, prepared and enjoyed by all of us.
 Life with four  kids is busy ( i know , I keep saying that), and Joska is beautiful but not the easiest ( still often sleeps no more than 30 minutes at a time), and we've been figuring out the best way to tackle homeschooling the others and me keepig sane! I've felt hugely better for taking a B vitamin complesx for a month or two , and we now have a bit more routine and rythym in the days, inspired by this post  and i find that me putting energy into the morning to plan something helps everything else flow better, makes sense of course, but I had to find energy first!
  Joska eats solids now and crawls, chases the cat and  is delightfully busy! What a journey we've had! Hope this finds you well and happy, here's to many more sunny spring days... rain rain go away for a wee while....