Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas part 1

It  was a lovely day in rural Orinoco, filled with the sounds of a whole lot of Ukes (the craze has spread through the whole family, even my mother-in-law has one (yellow!)), children, good food and plenty of sun.  A lovely present from the talented brother, a customised babushka doll.

joy on the face of a babe receiving his baby. ( as his mama  I love to see his nurturing looks, cuddles and snuggles- we must be doing something right!)

Reminder....Have to be in it to win it (family and friends welcome....) leave a comment (delurk) to enter giveaway. Entries close on the 3rd of january.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Its my birthday....
My blogs birthday that is. On the second of january. i will giveaway  a felt stitched tiki cheque book holder, needle case or glasses case and a brooch. The winner will be able to choose which of the above they would prefer, and I will make it to order! I am away over the christmas new year period, so will draw the winner on the 4th of january 2010. I will ship all over the world! So to enter, leave a comment, and an email contact!  I will figure out how to get get the computer to randomly pick a winner (it will take me that long to figure out I am sure!). Here are some examples of  my work.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Buttons, I love buttons! I am running out of stash, if anyone finds some collections anywhere I'll pay you for them!  A bracelet for a belated birthday present....

p.s with this blogs first birthday coming up on jan2, I feel a birthday giveaway coming on, more details to come...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finally, and a great find at market!

Today we got a great heads up from my good friend Gillybean  at the local market: an estate clearance sale! I was there late (all the stall holders got in first, I heard!), but still got some great finds! Some beautiful hand embroidered linens and tablecloths and some lovely old books about baking form 50s new Zealand. I am totally into my baking at the moment after receiving this great book from Struan: Ladies a plate. Full of beautiful baking photographed on vintage linens, so look at what we had for morning tea!

 So, My wild garden has been tamed slightly with some weeding and planting out but still grows in joyful (unruly) abandon!

The christmas elves have been busy too (i have told the children that Santa's elves have outsourced some of the manufacturing for christmas as they are just soo busy this year!...)

here are some pics of babes in varying states of completion and crowns and wallets for other family members.

(Please excuse me while I get my head around blogger: obviously a lot changes while I take some months off!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Soon... we will get a camera (thanks Oma Rietje), soon... I will post photos of the christmas presents I am making slowly, soon... it will be school holidays and struan will be home, soon ... i will have time for my own interests at least some of the time (the garden is a wild jumble of weeds, flowers and straggly tomato plants!) I have toyed with shutting down my blog but I really think having a camera will help inspire me to share, and writing will (hopefully) challenge my mind! If you read this blog check in again this weekend!