Sunday, April 25, 2010

knitting, surviving...

No pics today, i left camera at the chalet and am at school this afternoon with kids to blow out a bit. Although the chalets are lovely and I still can't get enough of the view, it is apparent that we are all yearning for our own space and in particular some outdoor space to run around in. we still have about 3 weeks to go and I am missing my sewing machine and spinning wheel! I have been knitting up a storm, and will post pics of the slipper family soon, but just feeling umm constricted, stifled, and down. Oh well,  more runs on the beach required I think! Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

West Coast tripping

We have just come back from a few days in Punakaiki, on the beautiful west coast. It was stunning weather (which i think is not the norm  on that part of nz), and the kids coped admirably with the long drive. the coast was beautiful, and hanging out in our own space for a while was lovely. We are celebrating tobin's second birthday today with a lot of music, his favourite thing!  A few more days with lovely husband home, then back to normal.

Monday, April 5, 2010

knitting updates

A blanket for the girls bed. pattern from living crafts magazine.

A little bit of knittinghas been done in the days following the easter fair, and lots during! Trade could have been better, but it was great to get this pattern finished! The following pics are of my "Victoria vest" by the Rare yarns company, made with wool  I found on trade me for fifteen dollars for one kilo, and spun myself as singles.  I didn't wash the yarn to set the twist but did block the vest after finishing and am super happy with how the yarn responded, fluffing up and stretching out nicely.

Also some photos of where we are at the moment. Beautiful Mapua!
Enjoy the rest of the week or autumn holidays! I'm off to find some needles to complete some more knitting projects!