Sunday, March 28, 2010

Of no fixed abode....

Well I have kind of resurfaced after absolute and utter complete chaos that was moving day, and now we are making do in a chalet in a holiday complex with breathtaking views and a spa! It s beautiful, a lot small and  a bit kid space short, but there are beautiful walks in the area, through forest and around sea sides, and five minutes from hubby's classroom, which is becoming a second space ( and where I am blogging from now!). Unfortunately, even though I packed our camera to take, said hubby packed the cord for down loading with computer at the back of storage container where it will remain for about six weeks!   I am going to try and borrow the classroom camera for some pics but I can't give any promises!
In the meantime I am also madly sewing for the easter fair in Mapua, because i lost a bit of time there, and quite happy with my kiwiana kitsch tiki collection really. There are sleeveless hooded vests with felt tikis on. Tiki brooches, and softies.  Come check it out 10 - 4 on Sunday 4 April at Mapua domain. Gold coin entry with proceeds to school and playcentre.
 Also very excited to draw your attention to  an almost family member's new blog: ♥ and sol, she has started down the craft journey and has a great eye for cool, check it out!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moving on

I won't be posting much for a while, as we have sold our house and have 10 days to get out and nowhere to go for the next 6 weeks ( but a rented country house after that to look forward to, while we save a bigger deposit for our own country dream!), so  will try and post  when I can . No promises. If you are in the area catch up with me at the Easter fair in Mapua, tasman.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Autumn dessert

 I found a recipe for Blackcurrant Deep -dish Crumble in an old  New Zealand Lifestyle farmer magazine,
 and thought that I'd make it, but give it a WAPF    ( Weston A. Price Foundation)remake.
 After A health scare for both my parents and a time for me feeling exhausted and depressed following the birth of my third child, we all started on a journey of discovery regarding nutrition.
 We found the concept of nutrient dense, traditional  foods to make a lot of sense. We could see where being long term vegetarians without the traditional knowledge of how to prepare grains and legumes and the use of unfermented soy had worn down our digestive systems and immune systems. 

 In terms of the relevance of that to this recipe?
 Grains, of any sort contain a substance called phytic acid, which our bodies cannot digest and even worse, mean that our bodies  cannot take up any nutrients available in the grain ( or flour), and over time we deplete our bodies levels of other minerals and vitamins through over use.  I have been largely gluten free for a long time due to IBS, but by applying WAPF principles to flour I can tolerate small amounts of organic wheat flour.
 In order to make grains usable for our bodies the phytic acid needs to be neutralised through soaking or fermenting.

 Also sugar in its refined state is bad for  all sorts of reasons, so I use Rapadura  or dehydrated sugar cane juice available fro health food shops.
 Heres the recipe:
110 g sugar
110 g flour
70 g butter
 1 large egg beaten
 180 g blackcurrants. mix first  3 ingredients until  mix is crumbly. add egg and mix, fold through fruit and bake for 40 -45 mins

My Version:
 1/2 cup rapadura/ honey or maple syrup
1 1/2 cup organic flour soaked with 1 cup warm water + 2 Tblsp cider vinegar for 12 -24 hours
100 gm softened butter
 1 large egg
 blackcurrants and rhubarb ( because I have heaps and need to use some up)
 1tsp almond essence
Serve with lots of whipped cream. (Saturated fat is good, important and protects against heart disease! They've been lying to us! Find out for yourself!)
Mix first four ingredients in food processor, fold through fruit and bake.
 The mixture is not like normal baking and is rather solid, but delicious and healthy and I don't get a sore tummy!

 For more information see the cook book Nourishing Traditions , or our Kay Baxter in nz has this one : Change of Heart.