Wednesday, February 27, 2013

late summer homeschooling

 I love the freedom to make a quick walk, evolve into a slow amble, and a paddle and then make plans to do it again tomorrow.
 I love having lessons on the sandspit, surrounded by sea birds and waders and godwits before they take flight again.

 I love listening to the pace of the children, and not push my own agendas too much.

 I love learning to take care of my own body and that of my family ...

 I love the cooler mornings and evenings, but the still warm water: it makes it easier for me to get out and do "walks" etc, now that the sun isn't quite so burning. I feel like a solar bank, storing up the sun's energy before the cold comes.

  I love the slowly changing light, and leaves on the trees.

 I love the way our garden is feeding us and enabling us to squirrel away food for the cooler months, we are harvesting peaches grapes, nashis and apples, and prune plums, the veges are slightly more pathetic, but we have beans, greens , pumkpkins and tomatoes we share with the stink bugs.

 I love feeling inspired by the gathered garden art I can spy in people's seaside gardens as we amble.
What do you love?