Thursday, October 25, 2012

another year

 firstly, this time last year I was pregnant! Now this monkey seems like he's always been part of us and we are really enjoying him!  As you can tell he's on the move, and check out his reading material! I start 'em early!

 Our eldest daughter turned 8 on Wednesday. WOW!  A few mad sewing days over labour weekend ensured we had something to give her and she a new pack all ready for some first overnight hiking adventures this summer.

The gadern a year on from us moving in is a riot of colour and growth ( and plenty of weeds and grass, but i do what I can when I can), thanks to all the rain we've had and then the warm weather ( a bit cool at night for my liking now though,... we've had some frosts this week, I want to get my tomatoes in...)

The camera and my photographic skills don't do it justice! The local bookfair is on tomorrow... always a bargain to be had. Happy Springing!