Saturday, July 31, 2010

Look what we've got!

His name is Oscar, and he is 5 days old. His mother abandoned him, but we haven't!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

birthday/ back into it!

Its a rainy day in Dovedale today; the earth sure needs it, though maybe not so the washing pile!
 The children have done painting, Anoushka  has helped me get ready for the day, doing little cleanup chores, and now they are playing cosy tent/camping games in the bedroom. Fun!

Umm, birthday dessert: Pumpkin and apple meringue pie as made by Hugh in River cottage . It was my turn this week, and I was sure spoiled!  Can I just say, I have tried making meringue and pavlova many times and each time it has been a failure, and Sturan's first try turns out perfect. Hmm, new job in the kitchen for him: meringue maker!

 The girls, anoushka inparticular, has ben getting more interested in taking photos and documenting things that are important to her ( A child's camera may be in the pipeline), and here is one she took this morning. Her dolls had taken about an hour to dress this morning ,while she thought about what items of clothing would be appropriate for this rainy winter day.
 I also want to send out a shout to my friend Alexandra, who on behalf of playgroup gave me a bottle of wine from her own , certified organic vineyard.
Fantastic thanks! You can find them here .
 Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ahh, school holidays and lovely weather, perfect for getting outside and prepping the garden for spring.  ( Why school holidays when We homeschool? Hubbies a teacher so get an extra set of adult hands and eyes around the place. As good as a holiday for me too!)So this is a photo of my vegie garden. Barebones,  a before shot shall we say!  Compost bins on left, worm farm in old tub ( there must be one on every old farm property), and goats in paddock behind ( not ours yet, just goatsitting for friends. Glad they've done their adventures in the night so real farming neighbours don't laugh at our city slicker attempts at animal moving!) Chook house at back right of garden currently housing four chooks whose run is to the right of my garden and about as big. We'll be getting more.  Where goats are will one day be hoed and ready for potatoes, corn for grain and other big crops etc.
This is Bebe on left and Billy. Bebe gets milked once a day (the easiest part of goat keeping I think!)

Our girls, and my flower garden ( the driest hardest part of property, old sheep yards I think. But imagine flowers growing all over that old fence and a wee walkway with borders and round garden in middle. Probably old cottagey flowers, I think.
 My koanga Gardens  seed catalogue arrived today and some tagasaste ( tree lucerne ) seeds I ordered on trade Me. I'll be seed dreaming and ordering now and still have  some pruning of exsisting fruit trees to do too. A bit early but I think I'll focus on planning and prep for now I think. What are you growing this spring? 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

a visit from family

We are graced with the presence of my sister and her family from New Plymouth this weekend ( for my sister's birthday, today!), which means lots of feasting, playing with cousins and for me gooing and gahing over my young 9 month nephew ( SOO CUTE!!)  I've also been madly spinning and knitting to complete a cowl for my sisters birthday. The fibre was a silk hankie and some merino dyed by spinning a yarn and bought  off gillybean.
The weather has been frosty and sunny reaching quite reasonable temperatures during the day which means lots of outdoor play ( even pretend swimming lessons in the nud but no photos of that!). The highlight of the week: family and a Matariki celebration with playgroup.