Thursday, May 2, 2013

north island tripping

 last week during the school holidays we were lucky enough to be able to visit my sister and her family in taranaki, staying at a gorgeous, really kiwi bach( crib) at a west coast black sand surf beach ( where wild cattle roam the dunes...) with my parents who were rocked to sleep in the house bus by the winds that came up every evening. It was a perfect winter stormy west coast holiday, the perfect setting for a thriller type movie or book, inspiration for some  edgy fashion label...
  We anzac paraded ( my brother in law  taking part), op-shopped, visited  museums and learned more about the local history. Joska made friends with their beautiful dog and now tries to make our cat "fetch". We visited the beautiful Hollard Gardens with their fabulous playground.

  we didn't see the mountain.
  I came home inspired; winter -cleaned my house, made new bench seat covers and patched up a door.
  and uncovered the windows previously hidden by brick cladding and rearranged my sewing space to make the most  of the light. I made a new "corner". What do you think?