Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a family day

 Life is busy! So My husband though a mental health day was in order, especially after the last dress rehearsal finished at 8.30pm on Tuesday! ( Quite late for our family). And thanks to the stage manager ( or whoever he is) at the show we discovered a lovely reserve 5 minutes from our place (walking), with beautiful huge trees, some simple swings, a beautiful stream and the locals have planted fruit trees etc (go them!)

 We had taken some snacks and dressed warm.
 Joska is modeling the oslo anorak, knitted from some beautiful variegated yarn from the local yarn store and the grey is polwarth from potters patch. I had to do some adjustments as the yarn knitted up in a bigger gauge  (no I didn't swatch first, but not bad for fudging the numbers). It fits perfectly, and It looks so cute!
 We also went mushrooming but learned that its good to wait until after rain as we found a grand total of two! We went on a learning trip to the same place last week so I was only picking those I knew were guaranteed safe. But I hope to learn more varieties in future, I love foraging!

 All in all, a much needed slower paced day.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 weeks on... unschooling life with a babe!

 I Haven't posted much recently. I have a baby who doesn't like to be put down, and doesn't sleep a whole lot, and he is heavy!!!! So quite awkward doing anything, and I seem to be flat our just keeping the other three fed and clothed!  Joska is ten weeks now and weighed 7.8 kgs last week. he is tall too and combined with cloth nappy bum is already in size 0 ( 6 to 9 months)!

 No sewing for me, but I can sometimes knit while he is feeding so here he is modelling the new jersey from  the pattern beyond peuperium,  held by his family, who are still besotted with him ( whew!).
We have been busy too, joining in with the local "natural learning group", where we've been harvesting: blueberries, chestnuts, and mushrooms. One family had a world stove there, which fascinated me and I have plans to make it with my mum on her next visit here. 

Anoushka is part of a play which will be performed starting on may 24th. This has involved many rehearsals which I may not have said yes to  this, had another homeschooling mum not taken her there in the early days after Joska's birth. ( What a commitment). Its amazing to see how much she loves it and how good she is at it, and the learning...! I alwways thought putting on a production was my favourite part of school and I think Kudos should go to the local theatre company for not only staging productions and giving of their time, but finding a way to include even the smallest willing participant!

Life with four kids is busy, overwhelming at times, but so exciting too!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

glorious autumn days

 We've really enjoyed the last few autumnal weeks, the light  changing, family adventures, exploring this wonderful area...
Split apple rock... Kina beach... discovering wildlife on these adventures... little blue penguins, a frolicking seal...
 leading  to more learning to come... I wonder how many kinds of seaweed are here?