Sunday, August 23, 2009


As you may know, our house is on the market and therefore I have packed up my sewing stuff, boo hoo! And of course I actually have inspiration at the moment! Spring does that to me! So I am throwing myself into knitting as a tidy and instant antidote to cleaning!!!! unfortunately I am also inspired in the knitting department with many projects in my mind, and I am labouring over a vest for Struan's birthday ( I know its passed already!). I don't want to start anything new until its finished otherwise he may not receive it until next year! So I surf the knitting and yarn sites and knit. The vest is from the book son of stitchnbitch. A very cool book for patterns for males. I have been enjoying the knitting patterns in the Living Crafts magazine, and yesterday found The Backwards loop, a very cool site with beautiful yarn and patterns. Anoushka is knitting a gnome for her friend, and we are watching the garden start to awaken from its winter rest. Today is a grey and drizzling day, perfect for knitting! What are you knitting?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy 30th birthday Struan!

An early birthday breakfast on a cold but sunny day. My lovely turns thirty now and commented this morning that he didn't feel any different despite having been nervous about it this week! he certainly kept his nerves quiet! The girls did some lovely stitching on linen as hankies for him to carry in his pocket. And of course any birthday money he gets goes straight into music:Age Pryor, Dan Sperber and Tiki Tane:all good new zealand artists!
locals check out the new deli on high street, Motueka for lovely goodies, local and imported. Can recommend their hot chocolate and elderflower cordial!
The beautiful daphne from the lady who delivers my raw mik, in a jug from the op shop. have a nice day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Open Home and surprise!

A BUSY weekend, trying to prepare for an open home in the pouring rain! And I knew we were having a wee party for my husband! He didn't guess, which is amazing! A lovely afternoon and a few pics: The winter rosehips and my first daffodils.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How time flies....

Wow, nearly two months, how slack of me. I certainally haven't crafed much to write home about, but had a lovely inspiring morning with a group of crafty mums. We have been painting, readying our home for sale in the hope of a move to the country. Check out our listing here.
I recently celebrated my 30th too. Here are some grainy photos of the lovely things my husband and children gave me.

Thats all for now.