Wednesday, August 28, 2013

winter hibernation....

   new couch in its original, itchy, dusty state
  Oh I am slack... no writing all winter, I've hardly even taken any photos... I have excuses (always), four kids, a show and thrice weekly rehearsals, an increase in extra-curricular activities for the kids; choir, art classes, sewing classes, football,  cubs, homeschool activities, new besties for my nearly nine year old. And me...? My folks have shifted down here from the big smoke (Auckland),  and I keep knitting
in pieces
  slowly, a few rows here and there.. in between craziness, when the baby sleeps ( hardly ever),  on this , my new couch!

all done!
 Wow that was last school holidays! I took the covers off and used them as patterns for my patched and cheap collection of granny chic fabrics, took off all the dust, vacuumed it all over then disassembled it.
Reassembling took some strength and sore fingers as I wished for proper tools and not just a wool needle and some heavy thread. I love the finished result!

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